Brandon Rimes

Brandon Rimes

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We are on all social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us throughout one of our different accounts and have a chance to have your question read on air.

We also post updates pertaining to our monthly gratitude parties, which we have twice a month down at IHeartMedia. Anyone is welcome to come, and we provide catering from our catering partner, Catering by the Family. Food, drinks, beer, wine and entertainment are provided.

Coming to this free event, allows the consumers an invaluable opportunity to connect with our expert partners, ask questions about things they might need help with or being able to set up a time for them to meet where they can discuss whatever pressing issue is currently at hand.

We have a lot of content coming out each week, and being subscribed to our accounts make sure that you not only are always caught up on what has happened that week, but you will know which partners will be appearing in coming weeks.

Right now, we are running a contest for the opportunity to come on air and serve as a co-host on the Consumer Quarterback Show. Make sure that you like us on Facebook ( and follow the instructions when we post our giveaway in the coming days!

The Consumer Quarterback Show

Welcome to the official website of The Consumer Quarterback Show!

After three years, us at the Real Estate Quarterback show decided that we needed another show, strictly dedicate to health, wellness and tools dedicated to helping the consumer live a better and more productive life. That was when our newest idea, The Consumer Quarterback Show was born.

With currently over 70 partners between our two shows, we’ve been able to build a network of expert contributors, the best business owners in the Tampa Bay area, who provide different kinds of services. Law, construction, financial planning, retirement planning, debt solution and mortgage lending were amongst them.

We are continuing to build our network with different kinds of fields, focused on living a happier and healthier life. Currently we have experts in the massage therapy, pranique chronic yoga healing, nutrition planning and vegan food preparation fields.

Some other fields we are expanding into include self-defense, mental health consoling, web design, credit repair, chiropractic, cryogenic therapy and others, to help us serve as a bridge between consumers who need help and business professionals who are able to provide their expert services.

On our website, you can find our preferred partners, and their information. Don’t forget to mention that you heard them on the Consumer Quarterback Show! We also have audio and video from past shows where you can hear different experts discussing change, growth and general important information in their fields.

We are on 1250 WHNZ Monday-Friday @ 7 PM, and can be listened to on radio, through the IHeart Radio app or by going to WE also have all of our videos up on and our live stream that runs concurrently to our show can be found on