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Brandon and his expert team share their professional passion for helping others succeed through their extensive knowledge of real estate, credit, finance, estate & tax planning health & wellness, nutrition management, recreation, small business planning and a number of professional fields to help you with financial issues! Our team prides ourselves on being a consumer advocate, offering free resources to help you live a better life.

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Long time expert contributor Ron Fuller of Mossy Oak Fence is in the studio speaking about the benefits of the Homeowner’s Association. Today also features James DeGerome, a Producer for The Consumer Quarterback Show steps to the mic to explain the benefits of partnering with The Consumer Quarterback Show. John Gatson of WeBeam TV also steps up to the mic to explain how lack of content can leave you behind in the business world. Our Name That Tune Segment features songs from Billboard’s Top 100 Jock Jams and our Tell Me Something Good Segment who highlights a complete stranger stepping up to help a woman in a major way.


The Consumer Quarterback Show continues to strive to make you a smarter consumer by bringing you the best in the business. Today we welcome mortgage expert Jason Brooks from E Mortgage Management- The Delbro Team into the studio as he explains how now is the time to buy because rents will also rise, as mortgage rates go up. Lela Bloodsworth, who is the Founder of Plan for Peace also joins Brandon in the studio to discuss how social media has added to our stress, especially as we compare ourselves to other social media profiles. The Owner of Edenson Dental Atom Edenson is in house today explaining the importance of changing out your toothbrush during flu season. The Name That Tune Segment features songs from Billboard’s Top 100 Jock Jams where our experts team up to nail all the songs! The Tell Me Something Good segment highlights an act of kindness that a fantastic humanitarian story that will tug at your heartstrings.


A great array of guest are in studio today to help you win in any marketplace. Joe Harrison of Harrison Martial Arts explains how only 7% of US population knows how to properly defend themselves and that education on self defense is your responsibility. The Principal Project Manager for Beryl Engineering Leo Cannyn explains how his company works with the SHIP program, benefiting first time homebuyers to have the best possible homebuying experiencing. Also calling in on the phone is longtime friend of the program and the Director of Sales and Marketing for The Hotel Zamora Paul Romero bringing exciting news on their new chef who cooked for Obama in the White House and was on tv show Chopped. Our Name That Tune Segment features singles that sold 10 million or more copies, and Leo Cannyn is on top of his game again! We also have a Tell Me Something Good Segment that features a giant mammal that has made its way back to a popular spot where they have been absent for some time.

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