William Crowley aka ‘The Credit Magician’ Biography

William Crowley was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1985 and shortly thereafter became a Computer Engineer for ICS Services and an Insurance Agent/Financial Consultant for A.L. Williams.

It was here that he learned of the corruption in the insurance industry. This knowledge led him to began an intense study of the entire financial industry upon which in 1998, he became an independent representative  for ICR (International Credit Repair) Services.

This company essentially went out of business in 2001, so him and my wife at the time (Veronica Crowley now Veronica Mack) decided to enhance the services from Credit Repair to Credit Restoration Assistance Program C.R.A.P. By adding these services they have significantly DEMYSTIFIED the misconceptions of the credit industry.

Their company currently holds corporate sponsorships around the country for Real Estate Investment Associations (R.E.I.A.). One being located here called the Polk County Real Estate Investment Association (P.C.R.E.I.A).

William is also a frequent expert contributor to the Consumer Advocate/Real Estate Quarterback Show on 1250AM and 102.5FM The Bone.

Click here to go to William Crowley’s website: badcredithistoryrepaired.com

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